How To Tell What Keywords Your Website Is Ranking For

Anyone with any presence online should know how vital SEO is as well as how the use of keywords fit into their SEO strategy. By now you should be familiar with how to choose relevant keywords and how to implement them throughout your website in an effective manner.

However, not everyone knows how to judge the effectiveness of the keywords that they have chosen.

One of the most important things that you need to do when analyzing your keyword strategy is to know what keywords your website are ranking in search engines.

Data analytics are vital if you want to run a successful SEO campaign.

Data analytics are vital if you want to run a successful SEO campaign.

Knowing this allows you to see which keywords need to improve in ranking as well as which keywords are ranking highly. This data will then enable you to adjust your keyword strategy accordingly.

How Do We Get These Data?

The problem lies in the fact that there was never an effective keyword ranking tool available that allows you to get the data needed. While you could simply type in the keywords you use one by one into Google and go through the search results pages looking for your website, this takes an awful long time to do.

Doing this wouldn’t even be the end of it because you still have no idea what other keywords your website may be ranking in search engines.

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Do you know all of the keywords your website is ranking on search engines?

You would need to look for related keywords manually and type those into your search engines, and then going through all the search results looking for your website once more.

These steps would need to be repeated over and over again until you felt like you had enough data to effectively judge how your keywords are doing and what you need to do to improve your SEO keyword strategy.

Fortunately, you no longer need to go through this laborious process, because RankReveal is designed to obtain the in-depth analysis of your keyword strategy.

What is RankReveal?

RankReveal is our keyword ranking tool that you can use to track, analyze and adjust your SEO keyword strategy. It’s the very first reverse rank tracking tool in the world. How exactly does our keyword ranking tool work? Basically, it indexes rankings and builds a huge data house around every website, a data house that we have named – RankingGraph.


The RankingGraph tracks every keyword in the world all the time.

The RankingGraph monitors search engines for changes in rankings and traffic movements, thereby allowing RankReveal to show all of the keywords that websites are ranking for on all search engines.

How is this different from any other keyword ranking tool out there?

While other keyword ranking tools will only reveal the ranking for a specific keyword you provide, RankReveal can discover all the keywords your website is ranking in search engines.

Now that you have a basic idea of what this keyword ranking tool is, let’s go over what our keyword ranking tool does.

Reverse Rank Tracking Technology


Our Reverse Rank Tracking Technology allows us to provide you with a ton of in-depth data. The following are some of the uses of our Reverse Rank Tracking Technology that can help you judge the effectiveness of your SEO keyword strategy.

Like other keyword ranking tools, RankReveal allows you to type in the keywords of your website to find out how well it’s ranking.

While this is certainly a useful feature, it doesn’t give you an overall look at how effective your keyword strategy is unless you know every single keyword your website is ranking on search engine.

Which is why you only need to key in your URL and RankReveal will search for all the keywords that URL is ranking on search engine and reveal them to you.

Since the database in RankingGraph is so huge, you would expect RankReveal to take some time to search for all the keywords that your websites is ranking. In fact, RankReveal is quicker than you thought when searching for all the keywords. This is because RankReveal is smart enough to understand the search intention of the keywords you provide.

So obviously, the more keywords you provide to RankReveal, the more accurate it’s going to be and the quicker it gets at revealing all your keywords.

Real-Time Rank Tracking

The engine behind RankReveal is running at all time, gathering all its data from search engines such as Google and Bing round the clock. Which means that it’s constantly updated, thereby providing you with the latest and most accurate ranking results anytime you decide to look at your data.

Our tool is also incredibly accurate – we achieve 99.999% accuracy when tracking ranking positions on all search engines. Because RankReveal is constantly (and accurately) gathering new information from search engines, we can also notify you when you have a new keyword that is ranking in search engines.

Instant Ranking Notification

What is the point of having a real-time rank tracking tool if you are not notified whenever there is a new keyword ranking into the search engines?

The reason why people love using RankReveal is because RankReveal tells them all the ranking of their keywords. And that information serves as an indication of whether their SEO efforts were effective or not.

We also know that getting your keywords ranked in search engines can be a joyous and proud moment, which is why we can’t wait breaking the good news to you by alerting you whenever that happens. We ensure that you will be the first to know about your new keyword ranking.

Track Local SEO


Track your rankings throughout more than 175 countries on Google and Bing.

Another huge advantage of using RankReveal is the ability to track local SEO. You can monitor and track your rankings throughout more than 175 countries on Google and Bing across all six continents.

Local SEO is very important – especially for smaller and mid-sized businesses that depend on the local business.

Additionally, roughly 33 percent of all searches conducted on Google are about places – consumers are trying to find information about specific locations. As you can imagine, the ability to track your rankings locally can have a huge impact on the success of your SEO strategy.

Tracking the Competition

The in-depth data that we can provide on your website’s keywords should be enough to convince you of RankReveals usefulness. However, if you need another reason, consider this – you can use RankReveal to obtain that data for any website.

YES! You can track any website, including your competitors.


Having an SEO race with your competitors would feel like this with RankReveal.

How can you track your competition?

Remember how you can just type in your URL and RankReveal will search for all of the keywords it’s ranking?

Well, all you have to do is type in the URL of your competitor’s web page to see what keywords they are ranking in search engines. This is useful because you can see which ones are ranking highest, thereby allowing you to adjust your strategy to include keywords you may not have thought of or to compete for a higher ranking on similar keywords.

Track Unlimited Websites

Yes, you read that right, track unlimited number of sites!

So, aside from being able to track any website that is on the internet, you can also track any amount of website you wish to. And you can do so with ANY plan you sign up for.

Frequent and Free Updates

RankReveal Update

RankReveal’s June update is great news for our users.

Since we launched 3 months ago, we have tweaked our Reverse Rank Tracking algorithm more than 6 times, and the results now are totally amazing. And with so many valuable features already on the line, RankReveal is still improving and adding more features to add value to it as a product.

It was only recently RankReveal was updated and added features such as white label reporting, improved filtering, sorting functions, and public sharing. You can read more about this update here.


What’s even more amazing about RankReveal is that these updates are absolutely free for all users.
Which means, RankReveal is getting more valuable with each update without costing more. And as far as we’re concerned, our customers are loving these updates and because of that, we’ll continue updating RankReveal to make it better.

RankReveal is constantly looking for room for improvement, so if you have more ideas or any feedbacks, send them to us in the support area. We’ll be happy to listen.


We can’t stress enough how important it is to analyze your keyword strategy. Implementing keywords are an important part of your SEO strategy, which means that you need to know whether the keywords you are using are effective or not.

RankReveal is the ideal keyword ranking tool for this. Our tool allows you to see all of the keywords you are ranking for as well as potential keywords you didn’t even know you were ranking in search engines.

This gives you a chance to see what keywords are not ranking well, thereby giving you the chance to adjust how you use your keywords to achieve a better ranking.

We know how important data analytics is for SEO, and we’ve created the ultimate tool to make all these data available and easily accessible for you, so go ahead and take full advantage of this incredible tool.

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Updated: 3/6/15


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