[Announcement] RankReveal Is Updated And It’s Ten Times Better!

Greetings everyone! A development process to enhance and upgrade RankReveal was started a while ago and now, we finally came up with a massive update!

After a year testing new features and improving the old ones, we are finally satisfied to put them up on the live version and I’m sure you’ll love it!

Now better than ever, RankReveal aims to reach new heights and revolutionize your SEO once and forever.

Wait, What Is RankReveal?

For those unfamiliar with our product, RankReveal is the first Reverse Rank Discovery tool available in the market.

RankReveal is the one-stop shop for all your keyword discovery needs.

RankReveal is the one-stop shop for all your keyword discovery needs.

This essential SEO tool lets you keep track of high-traffic keywords you’re ranking as well as reveal more keywords you didn’t know you’re ranking on.

Here’s what RankReveal does:

  1. Keep track of keywords you put in to see if there’s any of your content are ranking for it.

  2. Reveal new keywords related to your niche that your website is ranking high on.

  3. Alert you when a new keyword is discovered that your website is ranking high on.

  4. Track the ranking of an unlimited number of websites

  5. Let you track even your competitor’s website, allowing you to identify their strength and weaknesses, giving you the competitive edge.

With RankReveal, you don’t have to manually search every keyword to find out if you’re ranking for it. Pretty neat huh?

What’s Changed In The All New RankReveal?

That’s how great RankReveal is at the time of the first launch. Now the new RankReveal is updated to be even stronger and beefier with a slew of new SEO features.

A number of insights are added on top of the core keyword ranking discovery feature so that you can plan out SEO actions to be carried immediately.

On top of the basic features of the first version of RankReveal, it now includes:

  • Page Insights – Get a list of all the keywords ranked by a single page.

    The new Page Insight feature list down all the keywords you are ranking for that single page.

  • Keyword Insights – List every page in your website currently ranking for a particular keyword.

    The new Keyword Insights on the other hand, lets you know the pages you are ranking for a certain keyword.

  • Competitive Insights – Now this one is very interesting. RankReveal will show you the current top ranking results for a certain keyword for you to analyze what is needed to rank for the position. It will also show you the results ranking in positions close to where your result is ranking right now. These information is vital for you to not only gauge the strength of the competition, but also use their strengths to your advantage.

    The Competition Insight reveals the Top Performing competitors as well as Immediate Competitors for a particular keyword.

  • Global Search Volume – You no longer need Google Keyword Planner to get search volume for keywords you rank. With the GSV, you can prioritize on improving the most impactful keywords first.

    Global Search Volume allows you to focus on keywords with high traffic without needing to use another separate tool.

  • Keyword Length Sorting – You can now sort your keywords based on whether they’re short tail or long tail keywords.

    You can now sort your results based on the length of your keywords.

  • Integrated Search – You can now filter your results and choose to search based on either the target keyword, page URL or both at the same time!

    You can now search based on Keywords, Page, or both using the Integrated Search Bar.

  • Features-On-Demand – We are currently eyeing for potential venture with SEOPressor and Social Metrics Pro Team to develop SEO and Social Media Insights respectively. But we want to know what you think. Vote if you want these features in and we will do the arrangement and get it done!

    Let us know if you’re interested in these new features and we will build it for you!

The new changes focuses on what you can do to improve and widen your search engine ranking domination in addition to revealing the ranked keywords.

Legacy RankReveal Access

RankReveal users registering before March 2017 will be given access to the Legacy RankReveal dashboard to help ease transition. This means that you can still use the original RankReveal you’re familiar with while slowly adapting to the new UI and features.

Legacy users can then transition into the new app through the new login page.

Happy Tracking, Ranking And Dominating!

RankReveal is the integral SEO tool for you to center your SEO and keyword research efforts.

From improving the ranking of high traffic, high potential keywords to revealing new ones, RankReveal help you direct the direction of your SEO and content marketing far more effectively than any other tool.

It might sound cliche, but believe me when I say it’ll change the way you do SEO!

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Updated: 8/5/17


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