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How To Triple Your Leads Within A Week By Using Only One Marketing Philosophy

Lead generation is one of the primary goals that most online marketers have. Everything they do is in an attempt to generate more high quality leads, which they can then nurture into customers over time. While there are a huge amount of ways to generate leads, there are two main ways to go about doing it – interrupt marketing and permission marketing. As you’ll soon see, permission marketing is a hugely superior strategy, one that is incredibly effective for lead … [Read More]

Keyword Strategy: A User-Centric Approach to Keyword Research

Keywords are still a critical part of running an eCommerce site, but if you’re not taking search intent into account, then you’re not going to see the best possible conversion rate. The simple truth of the matter is that blindly adding keywords won’t help your website succeed – you need to have a specific objective for each keyword, and you can create that objective by following this keyword research strategy. Stage One: Defining Your Objective What, exactly, are you trying to accomplish … [Read More]


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Mobile Friendly Updates: A Wake Up Call For Every Local Business

We can’t emphasize how important it is to optimize for mobile use especially as Google continues to focus its efforts on rewarding mobile marketing. Earlier this year, Google released a number of efforts that boosted the page rankings of mobile-friendly websites on mobile search results. The updates greatly benefit users doing mobile searches, since it is now easier to find higher quality content and more relevant results that can be read on their mobile devices without having to tap or … [Read More]

How To Write Quality Blog Posts In Less Than 30 Minutes

Most businesses with a website are trying their hands at content marketing – because it works. There’s really no denying that content marketing offers many benefits for all sorts of businesses, and the risks – mostly the loss of time invested – are something that many businesses are willing to take. However, high-quality blog posts don’t have to be that expensive to produce. For an average writer (as opposed to a professional blog writer, the costly but high-quality alternative), it … [Read More]