Becoming A Pro At Links Earning With These 7 simple Tactics

There’s no doubt about it: Link earning is one of the most challenging aspects of SEO today. This difficult doesn’t mean giving up on this essential aspect of SEO.

If you are interested in a basic primer on link earning check out my post on avoiding Google penalties for bad links.

You will sleep well at night knowing that your links will not generate SEO penalties. Armed with basics, you can earn links to help your SEO.

But that is not the end of the story on link earning.

Link Earning Is The Way To Go


There are still many avenues for link earning that you can pursue. Authoritative and organic links boost your SEO, so you don’t want to miss any opportunities.

Ever since Google put the hammer down on black hat link schemes with the Penguin update in 2012, it seems like SEOs have focused less on link earning.

Before Penguin, manipulating links to your site was the norm. Now, links have to be earned. By shying away from link earning, you are missing important opportunities.

You might say that these natural authoritative links are hard to come by, but that would be a mistake. You are probably overlooking some basic link earning tactics that would help your SEO.

Here are 7 tactics that you should consider for link earning:

  1. Use Slideshare for Presentations
  2. Link Earning Slideshare
    Large file sharing sites allow you to post content that includes links back to your site.

    One good example is Slideshare, a website for sharing PDFs and PowerPoint presentations.

    You can create a solid presentation from scratch or re-purpose older content into a new form.You can even include links in your presentation.

    Place links on the title page, the resource page and throughout the presentation. Link back to your site and your social media accounts.

    Embed your presentation on your blog so you can promote it on your social media sites.

  3. Post Podcast to Soundcloud
  4. Fizzle using SoundCloud for Link Earning

    Fizzle is a great example of using sound Clound platform as Link Earning

    Another popular site that can generate links for you is Soundcloud.

    This site is designed to post audio files for users. Many post music, but some podcasts or other content.

    All you need is the microphone on your computer to record something simple. You can open an account, post your content and get an authoritative link.

    Soundcloud and Slideshare are just two of the most popular file sharing sites out there. There are many others that allow users to share video or images.

    These can be good places to get links for your content. You always want to remember to post solid content to these sites.

    Do not just post spam, as it will eventually get flagged and deleted.

  5. Create an Infographic
  6. Another popular form of content is the infographic.

    These are exciting and engaging ways of presenting information that people enjoy, share on social media and link to on their blogs.

    It is not hard to create an infographic.First, identify a topic. You can use search engines to check out what infographics are available on this subject.

    Based on what is out there, you can identify an aspect of the topic has not yet been made into an infographic. Collect the information you want to include.

    Design the infographic. There are free tools available to do this, such as Canva.

    Canva for Infographic

    But if you consider hiring a designer to put it together for you.

    Upwork might be useful for you.

    Upwork Infogaphic

    While Fiverr can helps you get your job done within $5.


    Create an embed code so to make it easy for people to link to your infographic.

    Finally, post the infographic on your site, submit it to directories and share it on social media.

  7. Big Content on Link Earning
  8. Nomad List Big Content

    Nomad List’s Big Content are providing complete list of best places to live and work

    Go over to a search engine and search for a “best places to work remotely” keyword and you will find out Nomad is ranking against high domain authority from,, and

    And a big content really does rank better than other even you have low PA(page authority) and DA(Domain Authority)

    If you look closely, the big sites like Fast Company, Telegraph and Forbes have the higher PA and DA but it is ranking lower than Nomad List’s Big Content.

    big content is the way of link earning

    Nomad Ranking on “Best places to Work Remotely” effortless


    This is mind blowing

    And now, take a gander at the content you find on top 10 Google Search Engine.Ask yourself how your content fairs against what is already out there.

    Hopefully, you can say that your content is about at the same level as what is out there. So you’ve reached the bare minimum.

    But that will not be enough if you are going earn links from this content. Why is anyone going to link to your content if everyone else’s content is just as good?

    If you want links, you need to blow everyone else out of the water. You need to create content that 10 times better than what is out there.

    This way when other bloggers are searching the Internet, they are going to take notice of your content. Then you will start to get links. Creating truly excellent content will garner you natural authoritative links. Moreover, these big contents should emphasize in providing the excellent user experience that is linear to Google’s Goal.

  9. Link Reclamation
  10. Some people will mention your content or your brand without linking to your site. No need to stew over your misfortune. Be proactive and ask for the link.

    You can use tools like Google Alerts, BuzzSumo or to find mention of your brand or content.

    Like just Rand Fishkin said you can check those sites to see if they link to you. If they do not give you a link, you can send them a polite email asking them for a link.

    Be sure to thank them for mentioning you as well.You can even use a reverse image search on Google Images to find any picture infographics or memes that you have created.

  11. Commenting on Other Blogs
  12. If you’re practicing the above tactics, then you should have a list of bloggers, thought leaders
    and other influencers in your field and related fields.

    Besides to creating your content, you want to pay attention to what these folks are saying on their blogs and social media accounts.

    Getting into a conversation with these influencers is an excellent way to share information and provide values for your site.

    Let’s say that an influencer writes about a particular controversial issue. You could write a blog post extending this perspective in some way or even respectfully disagreeing with it.

    Then, you post a comment on the blog with a link to your content. The Influencer may even respond to your post and include a link to it.

    You don’t want to spam the influencer’s blog, but engaging in legitimate discussions about important issues is part of the purpose of blogging.

    This is a very natural link earning tactic.

  13. Website Feedback Sites
  14. Use Feedback as link earning
    These are sites where you can post your website and ask for advice to improve it.

    When you post your website, the feedback site will give you a link back to your site.

    Here are a few feedback sites to get you started:

These 7 simple tactics are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to link earning.

Google’s Penguin may have made it more difficult to get solid links to your site, but it is not impossible.

You don’t want to neglect with an important area of SEO.

Now, Your Turn!!! What is your Link Earning Tactics?

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Updated: 19/6/15


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