You Can’t Believe it, Content Marketing Is Going To Evolve Again

As more and more businesses and websites are using content marketing as an important part of their marketing plan, attracting Internet traffic has become more competitive. In the past, having quality, valuable and unique content set you apart from your competitors. But now, everyone has this kind of content. In order to succeed, you have to go big! You can’t throw up just any old content, you have to create big content.


Big Contents Will Be The Next Thing

What Is Big Content?

Big content is content that is head and shoulders above anything else available on the topic. It is designed to be a resource that users continually engage to, a valuable tool that helps solve problems or a comprehensive summary of information in a field.

The Big Content isComing

Why Is Big Content the Next Big Thing?

Think of one your primary keywords that you are trying to attract traffic for. Do a search for this keyword, and see what comes up. Say you searched for “social media marketing.” You are going see a lot of articles that basically offer the same basic advice for getting started in social media marketing. This is great for people looking to find out info on social media marketing. They can easily find out the basic info about the topic. But if you are trying to rank for this keyword, it is a real problem. Why should anyone click on your site if it basically duplicates the content on all these other sites?

There is so much content out there that is basically good, but does not really engage the reader. Lists and videos of the same tips over and over again don’t give Internet searchers anything to sink their teeth into. That is why big content is the next big thing.

Big content is content that makes readers go “wow!” It truly engages the readers by providing valuable information or a useful tool. It is the kind of resource that people will return to again and again because it is so useful and solves important problems.

Benefits of Big Content

Creating big content has many benefits. Here are just a few:

  • It gets more shares, likes and mentions. When people find something that is truly helpful, they want to tell others about it. Truly creative content make people say, “Wow! I really need to show this to my friends!”
  • Because a piece of big content is such a share magnet, it will help your SEO. The increased social signals to search engine algorithms will bring this piece of content to the top of the rankings and help your entire website as well.
  • Big content increases visitor engagement. The content is so engaging that visitors will linger on your site for a while. They will not click away and may even view multiple pages. These signals tell search engines that your content is very valuable.
  • It creates conversations. People are going to talk about your content both online and around the water cooler.

Creating big content will help you enhance your search engine rankings and social media shares so that more Internet traffic flows to your site. It helps you to stand out and shine in what has come to be a very bland world of content.


Challenges of Big Content

With great benefits, come challenges. If you going to try to create big content, you need to overcome these obstacles.

  • It is expensive – maybe too expensive for small blogs. It is really easy to whip up another article with 5 tips for doing something basic. But creating a piece of big content takes time and research. In addition, it may require skill sets that you do not posses like graphic design or web software development. In order to create an attractive and useful tool, you may need to hire extra help.
  • It is risky. It can be hard to predict whether a single piece of big content will actually make it big. You have to have multiple pieces of big content in the pipeline to make sure that one of them goes big.
  • It is challenging to measure the ROI. The content is only responsible for bringing traffic to the site. Converting that traffic to sales is another issue. It is difficult to determine the amount of sales that is coming directly from big content.

You need a truly creative idea to make this work. It will take some focused attention and brainstorming to come up with something truly big

Examples of Big Content

It may help to see a few examples of big content to get an idea of what this looks like.

SEOPressor’s Blog Topic Generator: Have you ever been stuck for a topic for your blog? SEOPressor provides a tool to solve this problem. Type a keyword and description that you are interested in, and the tool will give you five titles for a potential blog post. This is engaging because it helps bloggers solve a problem. It is fun to play with, so people spend time on the site playing with the tool.

The Mozcast: The SEO experts at Moz have provide this tool to assess the stability of search engine rankings. In a creative move, they describe the stability of Google’s search algorithm in terms of the weather and temperature. This enable SEO experts to judge whether Google is up to something, and they need to check the rankings of the sites they shepherd. This nifty tool gives users a reason to return to Moz on a regular basis to check the MozCast. They are providing valuable information on a daily basis in a creative form. This is truly big content.
Drug Bless America: This is powerful information about illegal drug use and its effect in America. It is presented in a visually stunning fashion by This piece of content brings together a lot of information and connects the dots for people who may be interested in a rehab center for themselves or a loved one. It is certainly a magnet for shares and likes on social media.
How Tech Companies make Money
How Do Our Favorite Tech Companies Make Money?: This engaging piece of content presents a beautifully designed comprehensive look at tech companies. It offers information on what they do, how they make money and if they are profitable. Created by Seer Interactive, a digital marketing company, it is easy to spend 10 or 15 minutes poking around the interesting information that this content provides.
Coschedule Headline Analyzer
Coschedule Headline Analysis : Coschedule Headlines Analyzer has the ablility to rate your headline quality to result in social shares and increased click through rate.

Steps To Successful Big Content

Now that you have a sense for what big content is and what it looks like, the real question is how can you go about producing this kind of content. Here are a few basic steps:

  1. You must identify and understand your audience. If you are going to provide a valuable resource that solves a significant problem, you have to really know what the pain points are for your audience. You have to understand what is really going to enthrall your audience and grab their attention.
  2. Once you develop a deep understanding of your audience, you want to create a list of the challenges that your audience faces. For example, SEOPressor’s tool recognizes that sometimes bloggers have trouble coming up with topics to blog about. It provides some quick inspiration to get started. A successful piece of big content is going to help the audience face a challenge.
  3. Develop a tool or a resource that will help overcome these challenges. Here is where you have to think big. You can always scale back your idea, but you have to start big or you will not wind up with big content. In order to produce an effective tool, you may have to hire a designer or programmer to implement your idea. If you win a lot of traffic from your content, then this investment will be worth it.
  4. Finally, measure the results. Big content will get a lot of social shares and page views. You want to monitor these metrics to make sure that your content continues to succeed.

Stop creating boring, repetitive content. Start developing big content now before everyone else. Don’t wait or the field will be too competitive. A well planned piece of big content can generate thousands of social shares and increase your site traffic.

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Updated: 16/6/15


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