An interview with Steph, from the SEOPressor team

Today we’re introducing a special guest here at our office, Steph from the SEOPressor team to share with us some insights which I think will be interesting for our readers.

If you have never heard of SEOPressor, it’s a WordPress plugin for on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and instead of me, let’s hear it from Steph herself.

RankReveal: Can you share with us a brief history of SEOPressor?

Steph: Sure thing, SEOPressor was first released in 2010. Since then, we have made several upgrades to the tool to keep up with the fast-changing SEO industry. Some people might still know us from our old logo, but we have had 2 logo rebrandings, for version 5 on 2013 and SEOPressor Connect on 2016. Other than being a WordPress plugin, we’re also running a blog that updates weekly, and we actually just came out with a new free tool that anyone can use, Website SEO Checker. So everyone can feel free to give it a try.

RankReveal: If I’m not mistaken there’s also a blog title tool from you guys? That’s one of my favourite tool really, can you share some story about that with us as well?

Steph: Well yes, can’t believe I forgot to mention that, and thank you so much for loving it. Yes, we have a Blog Title Generator Tool, and that’s totally free too. It was released back in 2014 and we’ve recently upgraded the design as well. Since we’re running a blog, there’s a lot of times where we’re kind of lost with what title the posts should be you know. So the team’s got this brilliant idea, why don’t we just automate it? And so now we have the tool that everyone knows and love.

RankReveal: That’s great, and on another note, oh wow you guys have been in the industry for a long time. Since 2010, right? So what are some of the big changes that you can observe from all these years being in the game?

Steph: Yes we’ve been in the SEO game for quite a long time, and our tool is actually the very first WordPress plugin for on-page SEO back when it’s first released 2010. SEO is definitely getting more and more complicated as time goes by, and the Google team is keeping their lips shut tight more than before. So we rely on a lot of experiments to test out what’s working and what’s not for our users. One significant change that we noticed is that exact match keyword is still important, but when you back that up with LSI keywords, you’re gonna get a massive result not achievable with just 1 exact match keyword alone. So that’s something that we’re very excited about. It’s also one of our plugin’s main feature and our users are loving that, we have received great feedback about that as well. So that’s very important.

RankReveal: That’s fantastic Steph, thanks for that. Now, do you mind giving us a little spoiler on what’s up and coming for this tool? We, the RankReveal team has been a big fan of your plugin for years, so what’s coming up?

Steph: You guys have been nothing but nice really, thanks for that. Well going forward we actually will be focusing more on providing free education for our users. That’s evident in our blog, which is totally free, and everyone should totally check it out. But that aside, we’re also working on creating free SEO courses, and compile what we know about google to share with our users for free. We really want to focus on educating our users and the public about SEO, cause it’s been quite a niche industry for a while you know. People know about marketing and perhaps internet marketing but not SEO, and not how SEO can be and should be a part of their marketing effort. So that’s where we’re trying to help out you know, for the whole SEO industry.

RankReveal: That’s actually the same thing we’re trying to do here, at RankReveal, we also have a blog. Glad to hear that we’re on the same page about educating our users and the public. That’s probably why we love your tool so much. But what about the tool itself? Blogs are great, your blog is great but what about the tool itself, are we getting any surprises anytime?

Steph: Yeah well, a surprise is always in the making. We’ll definitely be focusing on upgrading its compatibility with the new WordPress version, PHP version, you know, those are always evolving so we gotta catch up as well. Other than that, you’ll know it when you see it.

RankReveal: Alright, so no spoilers.

Steph: No spoilers.

RankReveal: Okay, guess we’ll have to wait. Now, thank you very much for your time and the insights you’ve shared. Kind of hoping for a collaboration to happen between RankReveal and SEOPressor, what do you think about that.

Steph: Thank you for being such an awesome host, and of course, we’re always open for collaborations. Just hit us up anytime.

RankReveal: Wonderful, wonderful. Thank you again and see you around!

Now, folks, that’s a wrap. Check out the SEOPressor tool here if you’re interested and let us know how you’re liking this interview, we might have a few more guests on our mind. So let us know!

Updated: 8/6/17


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