6 Reasons Why Interactive Content Is The Future

6 Reasons Why Interactive Content Is The Future

6 Reasons Why Interactive Content Is The Future

You’ve probably been creating content for the longest time now. There’s a good chance you’re already creating more content than you ever did in 2018.

  • Perhaps you’re in charge of high-volume writing for your company’s blogs,
  • Or you frequently dabble on your own blog,
  • Maybe even do freelance writing for many small businesses.

By going through all these, you know how important it is to stand out from the millions of content found online. I believe that’s the biggest challenge most marketers are all facing currently. To reach your targeted audience effectively, you need to be more interesting and have a data-driven content.

As all of you are smart digital marketers, I know you’ve already done that. What’s left now is having an amusing content to attract, engage and secure the practical interest of your prospects and customers.

Now, these can be achieved with interactive content!

With that being said, interactive content will be our main topic of discussion today. I’ll be bringing you through why interactive content is important especially with the advancement in technology.

Let’s begin!

What Is An Interactive Content?

what is interactive content?

When you come to think of it, inter-net (internet)…. inter-active (interactive). These two were formed decades ago and were meant to meet head-on now. The point is we were destined to interact online.

Isn’t it so?

Humans have been living for interaction and the Internet has provided that to us. The success of the network World Wide Web is the fact that it is a huge source of information that can be accessed by anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Interactive content is not a new format that is yet to be explored. In fact, it is a category of content marketing that is currently taking shape, and brands have begun experimenting with it.

As the name suggests, interactive content is a content that drives users to engage on website, participate, achieve results and share. It no longer serves as a one-way street when a piece of information is being passed on. That goes to say, dealing with interactive content means they no longer passively read or watch the things that reach them.

As a matter of fact, two-way dialogues are created between a business and its customers or a publisher and its readers. A good interactive content doesn’t use pop up solicitations, aggressive CTAs, or sneaky sales pitches.

If you’ve ever taken an online poll, filled out a rather eye-catchy Buzzfeed quiz, or entered your personal information to gain access to results from an online assessment then you’ve experienced interactive content marketing.

There are several examples of interactive marketing, including but not limited to:

  • Online Quizzes
  • Polls
  • Gamification
  • Contests
  • Interactive Ebooks
  • Interactive Videos

For more information on these, you can read more from SEOPressor’s Blog: 6 Best Interactive Content To Boost Marketing in 2019.

Done right, it leaves you with actionable data and helps you ride your audiences down your sales funnel. Keep in mind that it’s all about providing value to your audiences. And since it provides way more value and engagement than a spun article ever could, conversion rates will start climbing in.

We’ll see more on why they contribute so much benefit to your content marketing strategy in the next paragraph.

6 Reasons Why Interactive Content Is The Future

The reasons are actually pretty obvious…

First and foremost, interactive content would truly help you to be of immense value to your target audience. Whether you’re blogging, creating video content, handling a website or just maintaining your social media platforms, putting out an engaging content is critical.

Let’s face it, it’s great if a potential customer visits a website, but what happens if they never actually click on anything? Chances are, it’s a lost opportunity for a brand to engage and convert visitors.

Now, interactive content will help reduce that problem.

Moving on, let’s look at 6 reasons why interactive content is the future and why you should be implementing them in your strategies today.

1. Adds Real Value

“You can sell to someone, or you can help someone and create a customer for life” – Jay Baer

Unlike advertisements, interactive content adds real value. This is because it creates a two-way dialogue – enabling a personalized, user-focused from the start to finish.

Marketers can create unique experiences that are playful and fun. It also builds trust by answering your customer’s most pressing questions early on in the buying cycle.

Customers are constantly looking for value from content. A successful content solves a pain point, answers a question, or offers other information prospects are looking for.

One reason interactive content is so powerful is it gives the user immediate and tailored results they care about. Actively answering questions or participating in interactive content guides prospects to specific results in real time that address their problems, challenges, or ideas.

At the end of the day, by getting them to interact with you is what makes them talk, spread the word, gain-the-knowledge-share-the-wisdom kind of thing. And that matters a lot if you think closely.

2. Brings in new traffic

Content marketing is an effective way to drive traffic to websites. But with so much content being created each day, marketers need new and innovative ways to stand out from the crowd.

On top of creating quality content, marketers are being tasked with proving each piece of content they create is effective at driving traffic and engaging their prospects.

True enough, interactive content is inherently viral. Content like quizzes and personality tests are fun and give us the opportunity to prove to ourselves how great or smart we are. Due to the personalized nature of the responses, one is more attuned to sharing their results. Doing this can cause virality and contribute to bringing in new traffic to your businesses.

LSIGraph share content

To make full use of this, when results are displayed at the end of your quiz, encourage your prospects to share their results. Include a call-to-action that leads them to your article, product or content on your website that you want to promote.

3. Increases Engagement and Conversion

Engagement and conversion interactive content

Gone are the days when static text content is enough to get you by. Now users on the internet have a shorter attention span and the idea of spending even just a mere five minutes on reading site content is enough to make them quickly close your site and run for the hills.

However, with the emergence of interactive content, big and even small businesses are finding exciting ways to engage and convert visitors like never before.

Imagine that you’ve created a video that gets your audience involved by clicking, typing, or interacting. Because they’ve invested time into your content, it could result in longer than average watch times which will eventually give you a positive conversion rate.

You can’t be a mediocre soccer team and win the World Cup. It’s the same when it comes to marketing. “Just doing content marketing” won’t cut it in today’s playing field.

Businesses are always looking to drive up their conversion rate, don’t you? Whether you’re looking to generate leads, collect email addresses or close sales, conversions are a key factor in many marketing campaigns.

4. Knowledge about your audience


Each of them are unique in their own way

Analytics that you get from your quiz, poll or personality test actually reveal extremely useful data about your visitors. Learning and zooming into these data properly allows you to understand the kind of people that come to your website, and find out their interest and needs.

This understanding will help you create content that will be more adapted to your audience. Say you run a website selling marketing tools. Surely, you’d want to collect more leads. This can be done by asking your visitors to answer simple questions.

Instead of bombarding them with your lead magnets, you may first warm them up – and collect relevant data.

For instance, start off by asking your prospects to identify as a male or female. Then you may ask them about their marketing goals. These sound like simple questions, but trust me, they will provide you with tons of data.

The better you know your target audience, the better you can serve them.

In the long run, when you have such complete data at your fingertips, it becomes much easier for you to craft content that matches the exact needs and personality of your audience.

5. Creating Brand Awareness

When you look for information online, do you say Google it? When you’re ordering a drink at a fast food chain, do you ask for a Coke or a Pepsi? When you want to watch a TV series, do you opt for Netflix or Hulu? When you travel, which type of accommodation do you look for, Hotels or Airbnb?

Whichever brand that appeals to you, they have successfully bring their brand to the highest level. These are the brands that own the market.

These brands have become so well-known, they’ve replaced the generic terms of similar products in our language. By using interactive content, you can too! When we talk about personality quizzes online, Buzzfeed’s online tests will be the first thing that springs to mind. Now, that’s brand awareness.

Buzzfeed’s founder, Jonah Perretti believes that “You should spend half your time thinking about your idea and half your time thinking about how to promote it”. Sure-enough, Buzzfeed reaches hundreds of millions of people globally. Buzzfeed has changed the game as for interactive content and native advertising goes.

These quizzes are not difficult to make but the traffic it brings can be a massive reward to you when done right.

Here’s another example of a quiz in action that is done by the SEOPressor team.

SEO quiz SEOPressor interactive content

This quiz taps into the area of SEO. (Those of you who are SEO beginners or experts, go give it a try!) By the end of the quiz, you’ll even see a special offer that you can make use of!

SEO Quiz Result - SEOPressor interactive content

Go forth and try it out! It only takes 5 minutes, I promise you.

Of course, the product that is offered is most important but brand awareness as well as engaging with existing customers can build brand loyalty.

Which brings us to our next point.

6. Higher Potential To Develop Long Term Customers

Interactivity tends to lead to better engagement, and it’s thought that better user engagement equals more conversions and more long term satisfaction with the brand.

Consumer loyalty interactive content

The right interactive tools can help you get to know your customers and personalize your relationships with them. All the while, you’re getting data about them – data that will help you convert users and gain loyal customers.

Well. the big key between passive and active engagement is that active engagement brings your prospect into a deeper relationship, raising brand affinity and purchases over the long run if you own a business. If you’re a content creator, then you will have the right type of audience that will stick with you for a long time to come.

And as research has shown, the more of a relationship a consumer has with a brand, the more likely they are to be loyal long term customers. Remember, in the long run, your customers will determine your revenue.

The Time To Go Interactive Is Now!

It’s easy to see why more and more brands are looking to embrace the benefits of interactive content into their overall marketing strategies these days. In a world where the availability of content is at your fingertips, it is important to have a dialogue with your audience and differentiate yourself from the rest of the competitors.

Interactive content engages consumers, brings in conversion and traffic, and can be personalized to speak directly to them. Whether in the form of quizzes for lead gen, interactive product photos, or other creative elements.

And which brand doesn’t want that?

It’s not too late to start getting into that game. If anything, now is the time. Just remember that making the content is just one step. To engage and convert visitors is the last but most important step of them all.

After reading this blog, do you think interactive content is the future? Are you using any interactive content right now? What did you do and were encouraged by your uptake? Do share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below!

Updated: 8/4/19


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