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6 Reasons Why Interactive Content Is The Future

6 Reasons Why Interactive Content Is The Future You’ve probably been creating content for the longest time now. There’s a good chance you’re already creating more content than you ever did in 2018. Perhaps you’re in charge of high-volume writing for your company’s blogs, Or you frequently dabble on your own blog, Maybe even do freelance writing for many small businesses. By going through all these, you know how important it is to stand out from the millions of content … [Read More]

Rank For Featured Snippet: 3 Do’s And Don’ts

Rank For Featured Snippet: 3 Do’s And Don’ts The demand for fast, relevant answers found is repeatedly increasing in the need for digital content. It’s really important in today’s competitive market that marketers think about the context of their customer on the path to purchase; How fast they should be getting the information they need, Where are they searching from, What devices are they typically using to get to you, Are you answering to their needs, ….and the list to … [Read More]


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9 Reliable Ways You Can Rank For Position 0 in Google

9 Reliable Ways You Can Rank For Position 0 in Google Position zero is one of the best SEO hacks of 2019 and beyond. It is basically the holy grail of SEO for most of the webmasters. Winning them instantly takes you all the way to the top of the organic search results. When you are positioned above the #1 ranking, that means Google sees your results to be the best solution in answering users queries. However, getting all the … [Read More]

Blogging: Should You Do It Every Day?

The blog is the epicentre of the any good online content marketing strategy, so ensuring it is well-stocked and regularly updated is essential in creating a thriving reader-base which, in time, will become your customer base. The debate rages online about the frequency of blog posts, and how regularly your blog should be updated. And today, we’re going to wade into that debate up to the eyeballs, and settle the issue once and for all. How often should you blog? … [Read More]

10 Types Of Visuals That Instantly Improves Your Content Marketing

AdWeek predict that by the end of 2018, 84% of marketing will be visual. This is because humans process visual data faster (up to 60,000 times faster) than text. The largest proportion of our brain is dedicated to processing visual stimuli, and our posterior cortical hot zone, which helps synthesize information into experiences, is closely connected to this primary sense. Physiologically, our brains prefer visuals to text or audio alone, so as a marketer, visual content should be an area … [Read More]